Is it safe to sleep with baby in bed?

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Proven safe ways to co-sleep with baby

safe to sleep with baby


Just like breastfeeding or baby-wearing, co-sleeping with baby is also a major part of the parenting world. But, unlike the former two, the latter can lead to serious hazards, if proper safety isn’t maintained. Breastfeeding mothers frequently practice bed-sharing. But safety remains as one of the key issues when it comes to it. For those mothers who frequently ask “is it safe to sleep with baby”, here’re some proven safe ways to co-sleep with baby, eliminating majority of the risk factors.

Ensure a firm mattress

A sagging or soft mattress can pose a higher risk of overheating or suffocating to the baby. Also, it’s never advisable to put the baby on a beanbag or waterbed mattress or any other similar soft surface.

Ensure minimum bedding

Another safe way to sleep with baby in bed is to keep minimal bedding and place them away from the baby’s head, as it can cause smothering or high temperature. Also, pillows should never be placed at either side of the babies for the same reason.

Avoid overdressing

Babies shouldn’t be overdressed as it can cause overheating, which is a significant risk factor for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Avoid medications

Another safe way for baby to sleep in bed with you is to stay strictly away from medications that can trigger extra drowsiness. Similarly, immediate bed-sharing is strictly discouraged for parents who consume alcohol before going to bed or use sleeping pills.

It can be said that it’s safe to sleep with baby provided all these criteria are properly met. It’s also important to note that there isn’t any one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to bed-sharing. The key is to offer the baby optimum comfort while ensuring the little one’s optimum safety.



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