What if my baby spits up quite often?

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Baby spits up a lot: Explaining key reasons


baby spits

While eliminating spit up completely would be wonderful, it simply isn’t possible. Spit up happens and is likely to continue till the junior becomes 12-months old. However, when a baby spits, it reveals a significant number of underlying reasons addressing which can greatly help to maintain the baby’s wellbeing and lower the frequency of spit ups. Here’re the key indications that get revealed when a baby spits up a lot.

Excessive air down there

Perhaps the most common and realistic answer to “why baby spits up” is a high amount of air passing into his/her little digestive system, which needs to get out. Babies often swallow a little amount or a lot of air together with the liquid and that comes up and gets out in the form of spitting.


To all those mothers who often complain “my baby spits up a lot”, it can simply be that he or she is consuming more than his/her requirement. So, it’s wise to lower the amount consumed each time with more frequent feedings.

Wrong position

Mothers often feed the babies lying down on their back, which can trigger the liquid to come up and get out. More of an upright position is ideal for babies during feeding to allow gravity work in favor. It’s also important to try to keep the baby in upright position for 30 minutes following a feeding to help the liquid stay in his/her stomach.

There’re certain signs to keep watching for whenever a baby spits. A doctor should be informed right away if yellow or green fluid, blood or material similar to coffee grounds comes out.


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