How to make baby eat when he/she is sleepy and refuses to eat?

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How to make your baby eat: Key strategies

make baby eat


Whether they’re sleepy, distracted or not just in the mood to eat anything, babies can make enough to frustrate moms. Because of their inability to verbalize their actual intention, all a mom can do is follow some steps to make baby eat. The suggestions listed below should be helpful for mothers who frequently search the web for something like “how to make your baby eat”.

Touch the baby

The first step of how to make a baby eat who is sleepy is to help him or her come out of the sleepy state. This can be achieved by gently rubbing the arms, legs and back or tickling the feet, underarms etc.

Dim the lights

Babies are quite sensitive to bright lights. They’re more likely to wake up and open their eyes in a darker room.

Try a bath

The change in temperature together with feel of water can wake him/her up completely.

The following suggestions are particularly beneficial for babies who often refuse to eat.

Burp the baby

Though babies usually consume a very small amount of air with food, it can make them uncomfortable or feel full, which may be the key reason behind their refusal to eat. Burping helps remove any air stuck in the child’s stomach, helping the mother to make baby eat.

Clear distractions

Another key reason behind babies’ refusal to eat is distraction. The feeding room should be absolutely free of distractions like turned on television, pets moving around and similar things. In short, anything other than food that can catch the baby’s attention shouldn’t be there.

These are general guidelines on how to make a baby eat food. There’re issues like infections, illness etc that can cause excessive sleepiness or extreme refusal in babies. In such cases, the baby’s pediatrician should be notified right away.

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