Essential habits for new moms to increase milk production

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How to increase breast milk production: Habits you must adopt

increase milk production


Everyone knows that breast milk is the best food for a newborn during his or her first months of life, as it offers the baby all the necessary nutrients required for proper physical development and wellbeing. Many new moms often notice shortage in breast milk production and gradually end up with formula feedings. But there’re certain things addressing which can greatly help overcome this issue. Here’re four key useful habits to increase milk production.


One of the most effective answers to “how to increase breast milk production” is frequent breastfeeding. Mother’s body produces breast milk based on the theory of supply and demand. Once the demand is increased, the supply gets increased as well. Ideally, every new mother should breastfeed her baby every two to three hours. Breast milk production gets boosted naturally by increased length and number of breastfeeding sessions.

Healthy lifestyle changes

Some of the activities performed by new moms can negatively influence their breast milk production. Things like stress, fatigue, smoking, high intake of alcohol can interfere with proper supply. Hence, it’s always advisable to completely stay away from these and adopt healthy habits to increase milk production.

Balanced diet and adequate rest

All new mothers, who’re concerned about how to increase milk production fast, need to focus on having a nutritious, balanced diet to stay high on nutrients. It’s also equally important to rest. Although it’s difficult at this stage, getting some quality sleep is crucial.

Proper latching

One of the best tips to help increase breast milk production is evaluating the baby’s latch regularly. A poor latch is one of the key reasons behind poor supply of breast milk while a proper latch stimulates the mother’s body to produce more.

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