Top supplements for breastfeeding moms to increase milk production

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Outlining key herbs to increase milk production

supplements for breastfeeding

There’re lots of new mothers who want to know how to boost their breast milk production because of varied reasons. For some, it’s low milk production, while some others may simply want to increase their breast milk supply in their preparation to resume work. While a healthy and complete diet can let one attain this to a great extent, there’re supplements for breastfeeding moms that can expedite the process. Here’re the top natural supplements for breastfeeding mothers.


Being one of the best herbs to increase milk production, fenugreek is significantly popular among nursing mothers, and has been used for centuries to increase breast milk production. A majority of mothers experience a fast boost to their milk production (roughly within 25 to 72 hours) after consuming fenugreek, though some may need to wait longer for noticeable results. Fenugreek isn’t advisable for pregnant mothers as it can trigger uterine contractions.

Goat’s Rue

Goat’s rue is another highly beneficial herb known to boost breast milk production in lactating moms. Apart from being a perfect alternative to mothers who’re sensitive to fenugreek, fennel seed etc, it can be a great addition to other supplements to supercharge breast milk production.

Blessed thistle

This topper in any list of supplements for breastfeeding moms has been used for hundreds of years to boost breast milk production. In addition, its bitter taste is also believed to help the digestive system. Caution should be taken as high dosage may trigger gastric irritation.

It’s always advisable to turn out to herbal supplements for breastfeeding before reaching out to formula feedings. Again, every lactating mom should consult with her lactation consultant or doctor before proceeding with the supplements.


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