Why expectant mothers planning to breastfeed should bring their own breast pump to the hospital

Vicky Bidlack September 20, 2018 at 6:46 am

Reasons to feed your baby with the best breast pump you’ve carried along from home


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As their due date comes near, many expectant mothers pack their hospital bags in advance. In their checklist of what they need to bring to the hospital, a breast pump hardly ever features. Even those who plan to bring one with them aren’t really sure if they should.  Some may advice one can always buy breast pump in case the need arises, while some others may suggest most hospitals would provide one, if asked for. Yet, many women prefer to bring along what they think is the best breast pump from their homes.

There are several advantages to bringing one’s own breast pump that’s neatly packed in a breast pump bag. Though all breast pumps come with directions of use, bringing one’s own to the hospital would let the expectant mothers learn how to use it the right way with help from hospital staff. Some women, especially first time mothers, often find it difficult to tell if the pump’s flanges are fitting their nipples properly. If it doesn’t or in case they are using the wrong size, they won’t get adequate milk to feed the baby. What’s worse is that they may suffer from a lot of discomfort and pain due to frenzied pumping in the hope of getting adequate quantity. Bringing one’s pump to the hospital would ensure the mother is using the right size and the right way.

Though renting the pumps could be an option, one can never be sure if it’s cleaned and disinfected properly after use. Bringing and using one’s own pump lets the expectant mother stay away from such worries and feel comfortable using her own device.

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