Child rearing is a given difficult task parents need to fulfill. If done wrongly, it will surely affect the baby’s development. This book is designed to help parents in their baby needs and to assist and empower them in interpreting their newborn’s language. The author, in her thirty-four years of assisting more than sixteen thousand families from various ages, cultures, and educational levels, discovered that no matter what the background of one’s family is, the common goal of each parent is to meet the needs of their newborn so as to have healthy and happy childhood. This book aims to help parents push the easy button in addressing baby concerns.

In this book, parents will be taught the four fundamental needs of infants. This will determine whether parents and their baby will have a good night’s sleep or not. When properly enforced, it will have a positive ripple effect to the family members.

Included in this book is the author’s secret recipe for content babies and various parenting tips on infant care and “infant language” interpretation. This will further uplift parents amid their everyday struggles.

about the author

Victoria Bidlack was raised in the breathtaking city of Madison, Wisconsin. After high school, she decided to be part of the gallantry and joined the US Army, proudly serving as a stock control and accounting specialist for four years. In 1984, she earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing and graduated with high honors from American University in Washington, DC. She has a number of advanced credits in the field of neonatal nurse practitioner from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

She currently works with families as well as newborns at Metroplex Women’s Center outside Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. Aside from that, she works part-time at St. David’s Round Rock Nursery and St. David’s North Austin Medical Center NICU caring for premature and sick infants. Her vast knowledge and unbeatable experience has made her a baby whisperer extraordinaire.


Have you ever wondered why some parents get to sleep several hours at a time, while other parents spend the night pacing the floor with a fretful infant who refuses to sleep? Let me help you push the easy button in soothing a fretful newborn.

Let me share my secret recipe for content babies with you.

Let me share my game plan for achieving “baby bliss.”

Let me help you find your baby’s “B” spot. You will be glad you did.

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